Decorative concrete comes in many forms and helps liven up patios all over Omaha. Concrete floors can be thought of as cold and barren, but they truly can be beautiful with the right finish, color or pattern. This is seen in every home decor magazine and blog around the globe right now, concrete floors are in. This is because of their versatility, cost, and low-maintenance. Decorative concrete is no exception and it is no surprise when you see the flair it can bring to your patio.

Two Main Types of Decorative Concrete

Stained Concrete

Concrete stain is a great way to get a unique flooring option for your home. You can get a warm feeling from stained concrete, similar to that of a dark hardwood floor. It is slightly different though, and while it might be less homey and familiar, it is certainly beautiful. It can be livened up with rugs and other options as well.

Stained concrete comes in two different types, acid and water-based. Acid is rich and uneven and water can give bright and unique pigments to your concrete floor.  Acid stains are generally good but if you are going for a specific color that isn’t available, water stained may be the option for you.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is a great way to add a design to a relatively cheap floor. Molds and mats are pressed into the concrete and this adds the illusion of many different materials. You can choose from wood, bricks, stone and other options all with an actual concrete floor. Stamped concrete is great for those looking for a way to get the look of traditional flooring options at a great price, and for the sturdiness concrete provides.

These two types of decorative concrete are the premier options when looking for a sturdy floor. Decorative concrete truly offers a good option for those looking to get the best of both worlds from decorative flooring options and sturdy ones.

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