Landscaping / Hardscaping Omaha, NE

Walkways and patios

Our walkways and patios are designed to harmonize with your home’s exterior landscapes. Our curvaceous designs reflect the natural surroundings. Learn more

Retaining Walls

Our retaining walls are durable, affordable, and customizable to any yard. The finished product has a very realistic stone look – in fact most people are unable to tell if it’s stone or concrete. Learn more

Waterfalls and Ponds

Who hasn’t wanted a waterfall or pond in their own backyard?  One of our favorite creative services to offer is custom waterfall and pond landscaping. Titan Concrete can design and custom a water feature to any home and landscaping budget. Learn more

Hardscape Design

The craftsmen at Titan Concrete will sit with you and work to bring your landscaping vision to life! Call us to learn more about how the contractors at Titan Concrete can help transform your property.