There are several construction options when it comes to your outdoor living space, and it can be overwhelming trying to decide on what you want your walkway or patio to look like. Concrete is one of our favorite options because it can give a more put together and elegant look, while staying durable throughout the years. When you are looking to install one of our concrete walkways or patios, our team of concrete contractors in Omaha will be with you every step of the way.

What Are Your Options With a Concrete Walkway and Patio?

There isn’t just one look to a concrete patio or walkway. As a homeowner, you have several options on how you want your concrete to look. Here at Titan Concrete, we offer things like concrete staining and decorative concrete to help your walkway and patio match your exterior and interior living space perfectly. Concrete staining is done one of two ways, with acid or acrylic. Acid concrete staining is the use of chemicals to penetrate the concrete to give it a permanent color change. Acrylic concrete staining is the use of dyes to create either a more uniform, one color, look, or a marbled effect using two or more colors. Our decorative concrete is done using a variety of textures, colors and shapes to create different looks for your floor surface.

Why Choose Titan Concrete?

At Titan Concrete, we are a team of professional concrete contractors in Omaha looking to help you and your home. We specialize in many services like epoxy floors, overlays, landscaping, hardscaping, and concrete staining. We’ve been independently owned for over 8 years, and strive to provide excellent customer experiences and great living spaces.

To learn more about what your concrete walkway and patio can look like, call Titan Concrete today!