If you aren’t happy about the way your concrete looks, you should consider concrete staining. Concrete staining will help improve the looks of your concrete by using chemicals or dye on the surface. There are two types of staining services we offer here at Titan Concrete, acid and acrylic. We are able to perform both services on a wide variety of locations like driveways, patios, porches, walkways, landscape pavers, retaining walls, garage floors and basement floors. For both options of concrete staining, we send out a team of concrete contractors to help you decide what will work best for your project and get the job done in a timely manner.

What is Acid Staining?

Acid concrete staining is the process of adding chemicals onto the concrete surface, which mixes with the surface’s mineral content to create desired effects. Acid staining creates a unique and rustic look that can resemble marble or glazed stone. We will send our crew of concrete contractors to your residential or commercial property to discuss the style you want and how we can help achieve it. The benefit to acid concrete staining is that it penetrates the concrete deep enough that it will not wear off. 

What is Acrylic Staining?

Acrylic concrete staining acts similar to a dye for your concrete. These stains are semi-transparent that create a bond with the porous texture of the concrete. With acrylic staining, you have the option to choose simply one color, or multiple color patterns for your concrete surface. The benefit of acrylic staining is that you have a variety of visual options to choose from. You can have a uniform appearance, or create a marbled effect on your concrete. Our team of concrete contractors will help you choose what color or colors are right for your project.

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