Concrete Repair

Concrete Repair is never something you plan for. Whether you’re dealing with slab issues and cracks, or discoloration and stains or wondering how to make your concrete look new again, Titan Concrete has the trained team to do the job right. As a small business, we know how important your budget is and we pride ourselves on every job we do. We offer options for every budget and every job, no matter how big or small. We offer several different options for Concrete Repair and Concrete Restoration. 

Concrete Repair and Concrete Restoration Options

  1. Resurface – Our experts will start by cleaning your existing concrete. We then fill any cracks to ensure a smooth surface. We then trowel a new surface over your existing concrete, where you can pick a new color, texture or pattern. Concrete can be a beautiful feature to your home or business when colors and patterns are chosen. Our Concrete Repair specialists can show you each option to ensure you a beautiful finish.
  2. Stamped or Stain – If you are needing a minor repair to your existing concrete, Concrete Staining may be the best option. Many times, we are able to integrate or even match a blemish to your new stain so that it becomes a feature instead of an eye sore. Stamping is a great way to give movement or shape to walkways and driveways giving a high end finish to any job.
  3. Lifting & Filling – If your concrete has dropped due to erosion under your slab, we are able to drill holes into your existing concrete to fill the gaps or pockets that have caused your concrete to become uneven. These pockets are filled with a grout mixture to lift your concrete back into place. Concrete Restoration by slabjacking has become a fairly common and easy fix. Let our team show you how easy it is to make your concrete look brand new. 
  4. Recoloring – Stained concrete can fade over time with wear and tear. Our Concrete Stain team can show you how to make your faded concrete pop again. We can even pick a completely new look to update your home or business. Decorative Concrete is a quick and easy way to make your concrete truly stand out. 

At Titan Concrete, we pride ourselves on our trained team and we know, when you look good, we look good. Whether you need Concrete Repair or Concrete Restoration, we want to earn your business. Call Titan Concrete today for a free consultation.